About Us


Sabiha Apaydın, continues her position as the leader, coordinator and wine educator of Mikla restaurants long lasting staff with the same enthusiasm she felt in its opening fifteen years ago. As a WSET-certified specialist, she is a dedicated follower of natural wines and has been organizing workshops on wines made in amphoras. She has partnered with the Roca Brothers during the filming of their 2015 travelogue “Turkish Way” which shares the journey and experiences of the three brothers on their trip across Anatolia. She is currently administrating multiple projects in support of the Turkish wine culture and is often found speaking in national and international conferences focusing on Anatolian grapes and wines. She is also the founder and organizer of the annual wine conference, “Root Origin Soil” where the past, present and future of local grapes are discussed with the aim of evoking awareness and change.

Founder of Root Origin Soil
Member of Slow Wine Coalition
Board Member of Old Vine Türkiye